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Crafted in Huntington Beach California

Crafted in Huntington Beach California, Manbutter is a natural multi-purpose body cream worn to protect the skin. It is recommended to place in areas where chafing exist to help alleviate common irritants caused from heavy perspiration. Manbutter can also be used as; sunscreen, to prevent a bald head from sweating profusely, deodorant for armpits and feet, itch relief for jock straps and athlete’s foot. Manbutter products are free from aluminum, petrochemicals and any synthetic ingredients. We call our product “body food” because all of the ingredients are in fact edible and contain nourishing properties. We are selective about the ingredients in our products because our skin absorbs what we put on it within minutes. Manbutter contains; antioxidant, vitamins A and E, omega oils and alpha lipoic acid to nourish and heal the skin.  To help shield from perspiration, beeswax and zinc oxide create a natural water barrier. It also has natural anti-fungal, antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, providing added protection and healing to the skin. In this world where we are surrounded by toxic chemicals everywhere we turn. Peace of mind is here with Manbutter, rest assured knowing that you are using pure, organic, natural, synthetic-free ingredients that are beneficial to you and the planet. Attention ladies! Manbutter is made for Men, but soft enough for women this means you too can use Manbutter and protect your body with the finest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.